Academy of Scientific Beauty - premium sponsor
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The Academy of Scientific Beauty is the market leader of aesthetic anti-age medicine in Ukraine.
The company provides a full range of services for clinics and beauty salons: from the supply of equipment and products, produced by leading global brands, to employees training and building a turnkey business.

The recognized world anti-age brands, using only evidence-based methods, great scientific base - all this makes the Academy of Scientific Beauty a reliable business partner in the field of aesthetic medicine.

At the moment, the company is the official representative of such brands in Ukraine: Skin Tech, Aesthetic Dermal, Academie, Vivax, T-Shock, HAPPY Intim, Sorisa, Palomar.
In 2019, the anti-age product portfolio was filled with the YVOIRE brand - high-tech products, representatives of the fifth generation of dermal fillers. They combine the best properties of monophasic and biphasic fillers of previous generations: the filler is easily inserted, located in the tissues and at the same time resistance to deformation and the absence of displacement from the injection zone.

Allergan - sрonsor
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The Allergan is International pharmaceutical Company, which builds success on world famous innovative products, accurate business processes and management experience team. The Company is present of drugs for six Medical section : Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, Central Nervous System, Ophthalmology, Women's Health and Urology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology and Infectious Diseases.

In focus of our Company work is development of new therapeutic drugs and realisation access to high-quality effective drugs. The priority of our Company is constant innovation of scientific developments. The investments in development of innovative, biological and non-counter drugs in 2015 is 1.7 billion USD.

AlfaSPA - sрonsor
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AlfaSPA Development Company from 2002 is specializes on creating of complete solutions for aesthetic and medical clinics, SPA and Wellness centers, beauty salons and beauty cabinets in Ukraine. Full service company is provides for the development of a concept, model of bussinness, design of the building, supply, launching and service maintenance of equipment, employees training of the work of equipment and professional cosmetics.

AlfaSPA Company is has a long-term work with global manufacturers for laser technology, diagnostics, aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy, balneology, cosmetology, SPA and Wellness. Being an exclusive representative in Ukraine, AlfaSPA Company supplies of a wide range of equipment, professional cosmetics and various preparations without analogue on Ukraine market.
Today AlfaSPA Company is exclusive representative list of brands:
- for Aesthetics medicine and Cosmetology: Asclepion Laser Technologies, STARVAC, VIORA, Bio-Therapeutic, WONTECH Ultraskin, Reoxy, Callegari, Clinipro, ILOODA, Sybaritic;
- for SPA & Wellness: Unbesheiden, STARPOOL;
- in Cosmeceutical: HydroPeptide, SOSKIN Paris, SkinClinic, Oxygen Botanicals;
- in Furniture: NILO, Lemi.
We will be happy to work with you!

Bioport - sрonsor

Bioport Company is official distributor of cosmetic for Aesthetic industry and apparatus for Hardware Cosmetology in Ukraine, country of the East Europe and Baltic countries. Our brands is:
- Vitabrid C12 is Korean premium-class cosmetic by Hyundai Bioscience Concern;
- Covermark is Italian professional cosmetic;
- Advanced Beauty is French brand of apparatus for Hardware Cossmetology.

Cosmetic Group - sрonsor
Site: https://cosgroup.com.ua/
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Cosmetic Group is a multibrand company, manufacturer of Ukrainian cosmetic products and exclusive distributor of world known brands with more than 25 years of experience.

The company's portfolio includes cosmetic brands within a wide range of the beauty industry:
● IBSA Farmaceutici, Italy - HA-based injection products
● DERMAQUAL, France – mesotherapy cocktails
● BioRePeel, Italy – biostimulating revitalising peeling
● PHformula, Spain – controlled peelings
● GATINEAU, France – professional skincare products for face and body
● Simone MAHLER, France – skin cosmeceuticals, massages
● D-Lab, France – effective nutriceuticals
● ORLY, the USA – professional nail system
● KEUNE, the Netherlands – luxury haircare
● TANOYA, Ukraine – professional skincare

Our main criteria while choosing brand are its safety and effectiveness of its products. That's why we guarantee high quality of all our products, certified by respective documents.
Education is a significant part of our activities. That's why CG regularly holds seminars for all brands in our own educational centre, as well as off site workshops with our representatives in other regions. Moreover we organise trips to international training events in the best institutes and clinics in Europe.

Our mission is your success!

CYTOSIAL® - premium-sрonsor
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CYTOSIAL® it's new generation line of premium-class dermal fillers on base of monophasic hyaluronic acid non-animal origin. This fillers is called upon to regeneration and aging prevention

of skin. Besides,these drugs intended for the correction of medium and deep wrinkles, for recovery of the lost volume of skin and modeling and contours change different zones of the face.

Innovative two-tier molecular structure of CYTOSIAL® created based on VELVET TECHNOLOGY® patented. This technology allows to get injectables drugs with:
  • visible and persistent correction results;
  • increased safety;
  • ease of use drugs.
CYTOSIAL® it's 100% technology and high-quality from France.
dermaviduals® - sponsor
Site: https://koko-ua.com
Facebook: facebook.com/dermaviduals.ua/

The dermaviduals® is the only one in Ukraine brand of cosmetology, which complies with the principles of corneotherapy. Purpose of this approach is recovery of the epidermal barrier and activation of the regenerative ability of the skin. Dermaviduals® cosmetics offers a solution using physiological lipid structures (lamellar emulsions) and individual recipe system. The unique composition of such lipid structures are accelerating the process of healing and regeneration of the skin after aggressive cosmetology procedures (peelings, laser resurfacing and photothermolysis. All ingredients for dermaviduals® cosmetics are derived from herbal and biosynthetics, therefore do not contain of emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils and silicones.

N.G.Concept LLC is exclusive representative of dermaviduals® cosmetic in Ukraine.

DUSO - sponsor
Site: https://duso.ua/
Facebook: facebook.com/duso.ua/

The DUSO company leads on cosmetology equipment, over 13 years creates successful business-project in beauty-industry as representative of the world's leading premium-brands. Focus of the company is consulting and complex equipment of Beauty Salons, Aesthetic Medicine Clinics and SPA-centers.
FotoFinder Systems - sponsor
Site: fotofinder.com.ua/
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FloSal - premium sponsor
Site: flosal.com.ua
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FloSal — reliable revitalizing business-partner for thousands cosmetologists all over Ukraine!

Why is FloSal so trusted?
16 years of constant launching of advanced
EU- and UA-certified injection drugs
Conducts its own clinical observations of injection drugs effectiveness
has the widest collection of revitalizers including the first ever revitalizer with filling effect - Prostrolane Natural-Bofficial distributor in Ukraine of injectables and professional care products of world brands - Prostrolane, Aquashine, Revofill, DR. CYJ Hair Filler, Idune, Dermaheal, Ialugen Advance develops holistic integrated revitalization technologiescreates ready-made businesssolutions for cosmetologists conducts a continuous program of training cosmetologists in various formats: on-line and off-line

Another step forward for FloSal was the presentation of the evidence base for the efficacy and safety of using Prostrolane Natural-B, based on its own clinical observations. The results were successfully presented at the IMCAS 2019 World Congress in Paris.
FloSal cares about the professional growth of cosmetologists in Ukraine and constantly acts as a partner of Ukrainian and European educational events, as well as being a regular participant of international congresses. Every year, FloSal coaches attend world congresses as speakers, including IMCAS and AMWC.

FloSal - a profitable partnership for cosmetologists!

Gelios Company Beauty Technologies - sponsor
Site: http://gelios-laser.com
Facebook: facebook.com/gelioslaser.ukraine/

Gelios Company Beauty Technologies

Every day, our company supplies equipment for the beauty industry worldwide.
The best components of production in Germany, USA, Korea, Japan, are used to implement our projects.
We have equipped more than 500 clinics, beauty salons, and beauty parlors.
Our equipment has passed certification in Ukraine, including having received a certificate of quality and compliance.

We can offer you the best conditions:
* decent quality of goods
* warranty sales support
* huge range of equipment
* providing all the necessary advertising and information booklets
* assistance of a practicing cosmetologist in the acquisition and selection of equipment
* the presence of all permits and certificates of quality for the goods
Global Medical Group - sponsor
Site: globalmedicalgroup.com.ua
Facebook: facebook.com/gmg.aesthetic.medicine

The Global Medical Group Company is exclusive distributor in Ukraine:
Genyal and Peptidyal HX (Xcelens laboratory, Switzerland), drugs for contour plastic and biorevitalization on hyaluronic acid based;
Cosmetod (Italy), drugs for body and face injection lipolysis, drugs for the mezotherapy of face, body and scalp;
Tegor (Spain), cosmeceutical with peptids for skin and body care.

Besides, in our Training and Advisory Center novice beauticians can take Injection Teaching Course. Specialists can take a Teaching Course for improvement of professional Injection.

HYALUAL - General anesthetic sponsor
Site: https://hyalual.ua/
Facebook: facebook.com/Hyalual.Ukraine/

HYALUAL is aesthetic medicine products developer, that combines passion for science and beauty for achieve impressive and natural results of treatment. The company offers injection therapy products for treating serious skin problems, for professional and home skin care.

The company's latest achievement is release of a line of highly effective innovative products in the field of cosmeceuticals: Anti-Aging Brightening Serum in Cream, Antioxidant Mutivitamin Serum, Ultimate Eye Cream, Resurfacing Exfoliating Pads and moisturizing body spray with hyaluronic acid (MBM). The company's products are manufactured at high-tech factories in Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland, Spain and the USA. This confirms the high quality of products.

HYALUAL deserves your trust!

InMode - General sponsor on hardware techniques
Site: https://www.lascos.com.ua/
Facebook: facebook.com/lascosua/

The InMode Company has 20 years history of researches for release the best light, laser and radio frequency devices for hardware cosmetology. Step-by-step development of our technologies gives maximum satisfaction to doctors and patients. The InMode Company offers the evolutionary non-invasive methods:
for fractional rejuvenation and coagulating effect on subcutaneous tissue (Fractora);
for skin tightening (Forma/Plus);
for diode epilation devices (Diolaze);
for eliminate of pigment spots and for vascular correction using intensive pulsed light devices (IPL) (Lumecca);
for cellulite reduction and body silhouette improvement devices (BodyFX/MiniFX);
devices for minimally invasive radiofrequency lipolysis (BodyTite/FaceTite);
for safe and efficient maintaining women's health (Votiva).

Ipsen - sponsor
Site: https://ipsen.com
Facebook: ru-ru.facebook.com/Ipsengroup/

Ipsen is an international group of pharmaceutical companies, which represents more than 20 drugs into 115 countries of the World.
Ipsen conducts research and developments in the field of peptides and toxins. Such work is held in the capitals of biotechnological and biological sciences: Les Ulis (France), Slough and Oxford (UK), Cambridge (USA).

The Ipsen Group is focused on three target areas in medicine and forms a complete production cycle from research and development to promotion:
for Aesthetic Medicine and Neurology we offer toxin Dysport;
for oncological diseases in urology we offer Dyfereline;
for the treatment of endocrinological diseases we offer Somatuline.

The Ipsen Group also works in the field of therapeutic drugs for the treatment of cognitive disorders in elderly patients (Tanakan) and treatment of diseases in gastroenterology (Smekta, Fortrans and Forlax).

Karse - sponsor
Site: https://karse.com.ua
Facebook: facebook.com/karse.ua/

Karse Group is distributor of medical and cosmetic products. Company was founded in 2010, and for more than nine years main principles of the company are innovativeness of the products, safety and comfort of the cosmetologist and the patient.

Karse Group has gathered products of world leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine:
- Ycellbio™, kits for PRP-therapy, South Korea
- LeadFineLift, 100% polydioxanone threadneedles, South Korea
- Revitacare Lobarotoire, revitalizants and mesobusters, France
- Bioskin, peptide cocktails for mesotherapy, Spain
- Dermaquest, cosmeceuticals and resurfacers, USA
- Amalian, dermal implants, Germany
- Neochemir, non-invasive carboxytherapy, Japan

All products pass quality certification in Ukraine. Karse Group has a result responsibility policy, we train specialists with medical education without reference to brands.

MARTINEX Group - premium sponsor
Site: https://martinex.ru
Facebook: facebook.com/martinex.ua

MARTINEX Group is one of the leaders in the field of therapeutic cosmetology, aesthetic and clinical medicine in Russia and The Confederation of Independent States. MARTINEX Group works more than 25 years, during this time has passed a difficult path of development from small cosmetology studio in Yekaterinburg to one of the largest holdings in the beauty industry. Advantage of working with MARTINEX Group is a complex approach of activities: we not only launch world famous brands on the Russian market, but also develop of unique innovative drugs by dint of own fundamental scientific research.

The company offers to doctors a wide range of brands: HYALREPAIR®, HYALUFORM®, SKINASIL®, APRILINE®, Perfectha®, Ботулакс, Medic Control Peel, GERnétic International, MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova and other.

MedHome - premium sponsor
Site: https://medhome.com.ua/
Facebook: facebook.com/TwAc.Phillex

The MedHome Company is the exclusive distributor of TwAc and Phillex international brands. The English quality, high standard and innovative products allow our products to become increasingly popular around the World and remain the safest products in beauty-industry.

Phillex is the filler of the new generation with the structural organization of the hyaluronic acid molecule. TwAc is unique booster system with high biological activity, who based on polynucleotides.

The Meddina+ - special partner
Site: http://medinna.com.ua

The Meddina+ Company is sole manufacturer of melanin antioxidant and AquaMelan special water in Eastern Europe.

The composition of Special still water with melanin AquaMelan:
  • purified water, not reverse osmosis;
  • pH – 7,4 – 7,8;
  • antioxidant melanin originating from Chaga mushroom extract and NADSONIELLA NIGRА, Antarctic black yeast extract (melanin content 0.2 mg/l);
  • water without antibiotics and artificial preservatives;

Melanin is natural antioxidant, that could preserve natural structure of drinking water.
Melanin is used in such cases:
  • to aging prevention (reduces loss of skin elasticity, hair loss and texture change);
  • to increase mental and physical stamina (especially indispensable during stress case);
  • to maintain water balance during flights;
  • to weight loss and to improve metabolism
    MezoClub - sponsor
    Site: http://www.mezoclub.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/MezoClub/

    MezoClub Company for the first time in Ukraine is present certified fillers Gana Fill on polylactic acid based and fillers JBP NanoLink Fille HA on hyaluronic acid based. MezoClub Company was founded in 2016 and occupy a worthy niche in the Beauty industry with innovation products for anti-age therapy from South Korea and Japan.

    MezoClub Company is exclusive distributor:
    JBP NanoLink HA (South Korea, based on the raw materials by Shiseido, Japan) is fillers on hyaluronic acid based;
    GCS Co., Ltd., Gana Fill (South Korea) is fillers on polylactic acid based;

    JBP PLARECETA (South Korea, on the Japan placenta based) is placental cosmeceutic.

    NEAUVIA - premium sponsor
    Site: http://neauvia.net.ua/
    Facebook: facebook.com/neauvia.net.ua/

    The Neauvia Organic brand is known since 2012. Neauvia Organic is supervised by MATEXLAB company (headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland) and production capacity is located in Italy. The company's activity is focused on production of injection products for contour modeling, biorevitalization and wide range of cosmeceuticals for post procedures skin care.

    The Neauvia Organic Fillers today don't have of analogues, because contain in their composition ultrapure hyaluronic acid with unique cross-linking. The resulting hydrogel has a super-strong and elastic bond structure of molecules, which is simultaneously easily introduced and perfectly formed in the tissues. The Neauvia Organic Fillers is recognized in 64 countries of World.

    Nelly De Vuyst® - sponsor
    Site: https://ndvua.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/completespallc/

    Nelly De Vuyst® - the synergy of science and nature. The very first professional products certified Organic by COSMOS® and Ecocert®. Nelly De Vuyst® is a premium brand with 45 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative cosmeceutical products in its own laboratory (Montreal, Canada).The result - immediate transformation of the skin - is achieved through the use of the patented revolutionary method - The Diadermic Method ™. The unique process of reducing molecules to nano-sized increases the synergy of encapsulated ingredients, retains the biological activity of the components, provides penetration directly to the cells, interacts with cell membranes.

    Nelly De Vuyst® products are the most effective with minimal aggression that restore the integrity of the epidermal barrier and the skin structure as a whole.
    The New Generation of Nelly De Vuyst® is the outcome of extensive research undertaken by chemists and cosmetology specialists related to skin health.
    The very first professional products certified Organic by COSMOS® and Ecocert®

    ORCA - sponsor
    Site: http://www.orca.ua
    Facebook: facebook.com/Company.ORCA/

    ORCA Company is an exclusive distributor of professional cosmetics and aesthetic medicine products in Ukraine since 2006. It represents 7 brands from Europe and Japan in Ukrainian market.

    Following its philosophy of developing the industry experts professionalism at S Congress the company presents the Italian peeling systems Harmony Castle: biorevitalizing peeling BIOR5, the first peeling illuminator BIOT2 and intimate peeling I SECRET. As well as Japanese non-invasive carboxytherapy and cosmeceutics: Mediplorer and Dr.MEDION. Non-invasive solutions with the effect of invasive procedures.

    ORCA Company. We sell opportunities!

    Oxford Medical - sponsor
    Site: oxford-med.com.ua

    Oxford Medical network of medical centers unites 31 clinics in 21 cities all over Ukraine. Oxford Medical Clinic has been successfully providing medical services for more than 15 years.
    Oxford Medical Clinic in Kyiv is represented by 7 subdivisions:
    • Polyclinics in the city center, on the left and the right banks of the Dnieper and in the suburbs;
    • Surgery and Inpatient department outfitted with modern equipment and operating rooms containing the most advanced medical technologies.
    • Emergency ward rendering assistance 24/7;
    • Rapid and accurate clinical diagnostics (lab tests, ultrasound, CT, digital X-Ray);
    • Round-the-clock emergency ambulance assistance;
    • Complete cycle dentistry;
    • Aesthetic laser medicine.

    Enjoy good health with Oxford Medical Clinic.

    Politekhmed D - sponsor
    Site: https://ptmd.com.ua
    Facebook: facebook.com/ptmd.wellcomet/

    The Politekhmed D. company is official distributor of Wellcomed company (Germany), who is the leader of the hardware cosmetology. The specialization of Wellcomed company is high frequency ultrasound machines for use in cosmetology, dermatology and therapy of the pain.
    PROFFBEAUTY & DR Radkevych - sponsor
    Site: https://proffbeauty.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/doctorradkevych/

    Proffbeauty Company is a young and ambitious team of professionals in various spheres of aesthetic medicine and beauty market, it was founded in 2008. The company is headed by aesthetic surgeon Victoria Radkevych, through whom Proffbeauty has been taking a leading role in the beauty industry for many years.
    SPALAND - sponsor
    Site: https://www.spaland.com.ua/
    Facebook: facebook.com/spaland.company

    The SPALAND Company is exclusive distributor of World brands for Hardware Cosmetology, HydraFacial MD® (USA) and the iS CLINICAL® (USA) in Commonwealth of Independent States from 2007
    The iS CLINICAL is premium-class medical cosmeceuticals, which shows quick clinical results due to use herbal ingredients and pharmaceutical processing of products. The Brand It has FDA and ORAC safety certificates, parabens don't contain, suitable for all skin types.
    Due to the unique properties, the medical cosmeceuticals iS CLINICAL® offer to clients of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical centers and beauty salons around the World (more than 45 countries)

    SportMedImport group - sponsor
    Site: https://www.spaland.com.ua/
    Facebook: facebook.com/spaland.company

    SportMedImport group is a supplier of professional cosmetics and high-tech equipment for your institution whether salon or clinic of aesthetic medicine. Here you will find a wide range of equipment for face and body care, body correction, rehabilitation and sports medicine. We offer not only products, but also a number of services such as staff education in the training center of the company, qualified medical advices, advices on technical and economic aspects, warranty service. SportMedImport is your reliable partner in the world of cosmetology
    Starbeauty - sponsor
    Site: http://starbeauty.ua
    Facebook: facebook.com/starbeauty.in/

    Science is not static and every 5-10 years it pleases with unique and innovative products on cosmetology market. As part of the S-Congress StarBeauty is pleased to present the Swiss Perfection brand of cosmetics, created using high technology by leading Swiss scientists and focused on results, characterized by an exclusive composition and exceptional quality. The unique patented component of Cellular Active IRISA® is a cell complex fr om iris root, on the basis of which the Swiss brand Swiss Perfection was developed, with a high content of enzymes and proteins accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, increases oxygenation, and ensures optimal skin hydration. This is the first cosmetics brand in the world based on extracts of active plant cells.

    Cosmeceuticals Swiss Perfection is widely represented and included in the procedures of the best hotels and spa centers in the world, such as Сlinique Laprairi https://cliniquelaprairie.com/ru/premirovannyy-spa-centr
    where Swiss Perfection cosmetics is used for all procedures.
    Swiss Perfection Care provides excellent skin regeneration and is an advanced anti-aging solution that combines the unrivaled Cellular Active IRISA® technology with carefully selected, highly effective herbal extracts.
    Swiss Perfection products stimulate the production of new cells according to the needs of different skin types. The high-quality ingredients that make up Swiss Perfection cosmetics greatly increase the effectiveness of our proven anti-aging technique.

    Starlit Group - sponsor
    Site: www.starlit-group.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Starlit-Group/
    Instagram: instagram.com/starlit_group/

    Starlit Group is Ukrainian company that for more than 10 years (since 2007) has been distributing beauty: cosmetic products and equipment.
    Today Starlit Group officially represents eight brands in Ukraine from Europe and the USA. The main criteria for choosing partners are impeccable reputation, excellent product quality and proven effectiveness.

    Cosmetic brands represented in Ukraine by Starlit Group:
    • Medik8 (Great Britain): cosmeceuticals, the formulas are developed at the company's own laboratory and are produced in small batches at its own factory. Medik8 is an expert in vitamin A and other anti-aging products;
    • Medskin Solutions by Dr. Suwelack (Germany): progressive collagen face masks and other products are based on pure collagen;
    • Perricone MD (USA): cosmeceuticals with a powerful anti-aging effect and a long list of fans in Hollywood. The formulas were developed by the scientist, cosmetologist and nutritionist Nicholas Perricone, the author of numerous patents and revolutionary discoveries in cosmetology and dietetics;
    • RevitaLash (USA): professional care for eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, developed by an ophthalmologist.

    Hardware cosmetology:
    • Nora Bode (Germany): OxyJet devices for oxygen mesotherapy;
    • Miravex (Ireland): Antera 3D skin diagnostic device;
    • Accurett (Belgium): apparatus for removing pigmentation;
    • CACI (UK): Professional equipment using micro-current technology.
    TEOXANE - premium sponsor
    Site: https://www.teoxane.com/
    Facebook: facebook.com/teoxaneukraine/

    TEOXANE develops and manufactures injectable dermal fillers and cosmeceuticals range using innovative approach, excellence and attention to the effectiveness and safety of products as well as research in the industry. Currently TEOXANE products are represented across more than 90 countries of the world and they are among the top three leaders in the aesthetic medicine market.
    TOTIS - General Sponsor of Injection techniques
    Site: https://totis.ua/
    Facebook: facebook.com/totispharma/
    Instagram: instagram.com/totispharma

    TOTIS is one of the leading distributors on the market of aesthetic medicine of Ukraine since 2010. The company's portfolio includes 9 premium brands from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries.
    12 branches and 3 regional offices make TOTIS able to supply the Ukrainian cosmetology market with certified medicines and to conduct educational activities to improve skills and professionalism of specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine.

    TOTIS provides 360° of business service to cosmetologists. Informational and digital services lever our clients to the leading positions. TOTIS business ethics is based on excellent employees' competence, reliability of suppliers and the quality of the products supplied. For this purpose, the company has a quality control department.

    TOP COSMETICS - premium sponsor
    Site: https://topcosmetics.ua/about-us-ru/
    Facebook: facebook.com/TOPCosmetics/

    The Top Cosmetics Company is talent investor in the beauty industry and healthy lifestyle. The main principles of Top Cosmetics Company are presentation of the best brands, prompt decision making, openness and competence. Such principles of work allow to embody the most daring ideas to the beauty industry, creation of the best successful beauty-projects and help talented professionals to realize their potential. Cooperation with Top Cosmetics Company allows to open new opportunities for business development!The Top Cosmetics Company is absolutely sure that beauty will save the world! And the world will know Ukraine through beauty!
    Ukrainian Aesthetics - premium sponsor
    Site: u-aesthetics.com/
    Facebook: facebook.com/ukrainian.aesthetics/
    Instagram: instagram.com/ukrainian_aesthetics/

    The Ukrainian Aesthetics company from 2015 year is present in Ukraine the recent achievements in beauty industry, monitors and introduces the latest technologies in the field of cosmetology and dermatology on the Ukrainian beauty-market. The efficacy and safety of the proposed drugs, proven in clinical trials. We offer our customers such products: GENOSYS, PRX-T33 and WiQo Med product line, Celltense от Endor Technologies, Juvillis. And in additional, Cosmetology Hardwares: Dermadrop, Termosalud, Attiva.

    The Ukrainian Aesthetics company in meticulously chooses the best technologies and guarantees their effectiveness.

    Ukrainian Medical Aesthetic Academy - sponsor
    Site: school.medprof.com.ua
    Facebook: facebook.com/AcademyUMAA/

    Ukrainian Medical Aesthetic Academy is a highly professional training in all spheres of modern aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Our courses always provide an individual approach to each student, accompaniment and support during and after training, as well as access to the latest hardwares in modern aesthetic medicine. Ukrainian Medical Aesthetic Academy gives you an opportunity to get not only thorough theoretical knowledge and also gain practical experience. Diploma of UMAA is a great chance to gain a vocation, to get promotion, to get a job in the best clinics in Ukraine, start your own business or develop an existing one. Studying at the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology is a personal growth, because we have something to offer both to a professional who wants to improve their qualifications, to keep abreast of modern trends in the beauty and health industry, and to beginner who is eager to start a successful career and to those who are aimed at getting new profession.

    VICHY - sponsor
    Site: www.vichy.ua
    Facebook: facebook.com/VichyUkraine

    Vichy is the founder of the Dermatocosmetics category and, by its nature, a brand-innovator who deeply researches skin needs taking into account both external and internal factors. Vichy's unique area of expertise is exposition. It is a scientific concept that is defined as the cumulative effect of external factors and related biological reactions of the body throughout life, including the environment, lifestyle and processes occurring within the body itself. The skin, as a protective organ, is directly prone to exposure because it is a barrier to aggressive environmental factors. Vichy brand contains high mineralization thermal water from French volcanoes, which is enriched with 15 minerals that strengthen the skin, restore its balance and strengthen the skin's protective functions every day. Each brand of remedy is designed for a specific purpose: first of all, skin safety and efficiency for sensitive skin. Vichy has a tremendous ability to strengthen the skin, give women skin a healthy glow and help them feel more confident at every stage of life.
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